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2021 The 4th Annual Conference of China Inkjet Marking Industry and China Digital Intelligent Packag

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2021 The 4th Annual Conference of China Inkjet Marking Industry and China Digital Intelligent Packaging Expo

The future development prospects of inkjet printers will be the dividends brought by intelligent inkjet marking equipment. From the changes in the overall trend, it can be seen that the attention and competitive pressure of China's inkjet marking industry will increase in the future. The difference between polarization, stratification, and specialization will be greater, and customers will also choose suppliers. Will be stricter, from quality to after-sales, from online to offline, there will be some major changes. In order to help companies promote the rapid development of the industry, build a platform for industry exchanges and cooperation, and provide more opportunities for manufacturers, distributors, and agents to learn about each other and share high-quality products and technologies, the authoritative portal website for the Chinese inkjet industry Inkjet.com has decided to hold the "2021 4th China Inkjet and Marking Industry Annual Conference and China Digital Intelligent Packaging Expo" in Wuhan, Hubei from October 29 to 31. We look forward to the participation of all inkjet and marking colleagues!

This year we will increase the intensity and scope of invitations. We will invite imported inkjet printer manufacturers, domestic inkjet printer manufacturers, large-character printers, high resolution printers, laser machines, ink consumables, accessories, traceability systems, conveyor belt supporting products, and thermal transfer printing. , Labeling, packaging equipment, video inspection and other related manufacturers gathered together, inviting dealers and agents from 34 provinces and municipalities across the country to purchase and negotiate. It is planned to invite relevant leaders from related organizations in China's packaging industry, food traceability industry, medical device industry, non-staple food industry, etc. to introduce the requirements and development directions of various industries in various fields such as packaging, traceability, and labeling, and help me to help companies in the coding and marking industry. Can develop quickly. The number is expected to reach 1,000.

On November 11-13, 2020, Huaren Marking.com successfully held the 3rd China Marking and Marking Industry Annual Conference in Tai'an, Shandong. The annual meeting successfully invited more than 800 manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors across the country to attend. Successfully held 1 industry development summit forum, 12 new product launch conferences and investment conferences, 1 large-scale welcome dinner, 120 booths were set up, and 1.16 million people across the country attracted the attention. The repercussions of the annual meeting are so great that they all reflect the success and achievements of the 3rd Annual Meeting of China's Coding and Marking Industry in 2020.

At present, dozens of coding manufacturers have signed up to participate in the conference. The manufacturers who sign up first have priority to choose the booth and the time period of the new product exhibition. A good booth location will add points to the new product display, attract more people’s attention and gain more Many useful partners. Manufacturers who want to shine at the annual meeting must seize this opportunity. Booths are limited and while stocks last!






The main forum of the annual meeting (Industry Development Summit Forum), 350 people in total

  2021年中国喷码标识行业年会招商通知(图8)        2021年中国喷码标识行业年会招商通知(图9)


The site of the company’s new product launch, with 120 people per session



Enterprise booth and negotiation site




The annual meeting welcome banquet scene, a total of more than 600 people


Organizer: Chinese inkjet network

Annual meeting time: October 29-31, 2021

Conference Center: Wuhan Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center

Conference reception hotel:

Participants: Inkjet printer companies, laser machine companies, printer companies, labeling machines, visual inspection companies, packaging ancillary product companies, equipment parts companies, mobile stable companies, anti-counterfeit traceability system related companies, product sales across the country Businesses, senior managers, information managers, Internet technologists, experts, scholars, association leaders...

Media support: China Food Network, China Packaging Network, China Cable Network, Sina.com, NetEase, Sohu.com and other mainstream media and industry well-known media, self-media...

Conference highlights:

A comprehensive and in-depth discussion of the development direction, industrial layout, technological breakthroughs, product focus and application expansion of China's inkjet marking industry. In addition to the traditional demonstration of related products and systems, the conference will interpret the development of the industry with new and real applications. New hotspots, new applications and new products create a new and different experience.

Conference content:

★ New product releases in the coding and marking industry, and investment meetings of various manufacturers and distributors are held together

★ Summit Forum on the Development of China's Coding and Marking Industry

★ Product exhibition and technical drills in China's coding and marking industry.

★ Awards ceremony for brands and products in China's coding and marking industry

★ Thousand people dinner and wonderful performance at the annual meeting of China inkjet and marking industry

The 4th Annual Conference of China's Coding and Marking Industry in 2021

 [ Meeting schedule]




October 28


Special decoration enterprise exhibition

October 29


Manufacturers and distributors from all over the country check in


Standard Booth Enterprise Exhibition


New product launch conference of some companies

October 30


Annual Conference Main Forum


Exhibition area product display and visit


Lunch/lunch break


New product launch conference of some companies


Thousands of people dinner and wonderful performances, corporate brand and product awards ceremony

October 31


Exhibition area product display and visit


New product launch conference of some companies



November 1


Organize local tours for companies and distributors (voluntary participation, additional charge)


End of the annual meeting

Conference Affairs Group of China Digital Packaging Expo 2021:

Chen Wei17710714095WeChat same numberQQ:646539921

Li Dan18083607783WeChat same number15519133069

The activity adopts the principle of reporting first (the registration is subject to the receipt of the remittance).Companies start to choose booths and conference time after May in order of registration.

Conference investment plan

Time: October 29-31, 2021   Address: Wuhan Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center


Special sponsor

Diamond sponsor

Gold sponsor

Silver sponsor

Bronze sponsor

Friendly Sponsor



RMB 1,400 / square meters

RMB 120,000

RMB 80,000

RMB 50,000

RMB 25,000

RMB 15,000

Tax included

Booth area

From 72 square meters

72 square meters


square meters

36 square meters

18 square meters

9 square meters

More than 36 square meters is special decoration, the cost does not include the decoration fee

Free accommodation

Add 2 rooms for every 10 square meters

10 rooms (including one presidential suite)

8 rooms (including one presidential suite)

6 rooms

4 rooms

2 rooms

Including food and accommodation (morning and midnight on the 30th, morning, midnight and evening on the 31th)

Accommodation 29, 30, 31three nights

Free food and accommodation quota for distributors

2 more people per 10 square meters

10 companies

8 companies



4 companies

2 companies

Each agent only gives one free quota (including board and lodging) for 29 and 30 nights

Knife flag

Add a knife flag for every 36 square meters

3 knife flags

2 knife flags

1 knife flags



Dinner banner

1 piece

1 piece

1 piece




Hang on the dinner scene








Awards at the dinner








Company introduction and contact information

Conference Directory Advertisement

1 page

1 page

1 page

1 page



Color page advertisement

Free meeting room

120 people

120 people

120 people

120 people

No(Can rent an additional RMB 4,000 for a meeting)

No(Can rent an additional RMB 4,000 for a meeting)

The meeting room is only available for companies to hold dealer meetings or new product launches (one and a half hours each)

News report

5 articles

5 articles

4 articles

2 articles



Published in major media

Video report

1 time

1 time

1 time




The video can be played on the led screen of the dinner partyDiamond sponsorship and special sponsorship will be sent to the LED screen at the entrance of the exhibition hall to play all day

Information bag

100 kits






The information bag is for corporate advertising and the theme of the conference

Live advertising

A piece of truss advertising

A piece of truss advertising

A piece of truss advertising

A piece of truss advertising



6 meters wide * 3 meters high, excluding production costs








Conference Report Office, background version of the main forum

Leadership treatment

Dinner main table, on stage

Dinner main table, on stage

Dinner main table, on stage




Other business leaders can sit freely at the dinner

The event accepts the exclusive naming of the company: the cost is RMB 150,000, and the service content can be discussed in detail.

Other conference promotion opportunities:

1. Advertisement on the conference catalogue:  

1. Color page advertisement on the conference catalogue: RMB 2,000 version (1P)         

2. The cover advertisement of the conference catalogue: RMB 5,000 (1/3 edition, and the other 2/3 edition contains annual conference theme information) exclusive enjoyment

Cover ad


Inside page color page advertisement


2. Badge advertising: 1,500 badges (the front of the badge is the content of the conference, and the back of the badge is the content of the sponsor) RMB 6,000, exclusive.

3. Knife flag: RMB 200 per side



2. On-site truss advertisement: The standard size is 6 meters wide * 3 meters high. Cost: RMB 1,000 (not including production costs). If the organizer requires unified production and installation, an additional RMB 2,000production and installation fee will be charged (picture provided by the manufacturer)


2. On-site warm-up video: the video before the 1000-person dinner on the evening of the 30th and the main forum on the morning of the 30th (within 3 minutes) corporate promotional video, RMB 3,000 , the video is provided by the company, and the content is played back (maximum 10)

3. LED screen advertisement at the entrance of the exhibition hall: The video will be played in a loop throughout the day within 3 minutes, and a video of RMB 4,000


Sponsorship fee remittance information: (remittance note: coding annual meeting fee)

Account name: Guizhou Weichuang Times Technology Co., Ltd. Account Number: 132039844592

Account Bank: Bank of China Co., Ltd. Guiyang Huaguoyuan Sub-branch

Contact: Chen Wei 17710714095 (same number on WeChat) Li Dan: 15519598823 (same number on WeChat)

QQ: 646539921 E-mail: bjsale@pm168.net

Registration URL for the 2021 Dpacking Annual Conference: http://www.watchgameofthronesepisodes.com